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Our mission is to fulfill your Legal, Fiscal, Audit, Tax & Payroll needs, through solid solutions, products and services.

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Our Services

Payroll & Controlling

management & controlling, for you or your client companies


Softlanding is carried out when a company wants to expand or invest abroad.

Audit & Tax Administration

Design, structure & administration for you or on behalf of your clients.

Legal & Fiscal Advice

Advice that guarantees security in your, operations & specific projects

About Our Services

• We maintain the highest established standards thanks to our international affiliation, complying with auditing standards and generally accepted accounting principles in Mexico, the United States, and worldwide.

Financial audit, which involves expressing a professional opinion on the logic of the financial statements.

Tax audit for local and federal purposes to comply with the regulations established by federal, local, or municipal authorities.

Operational audit, aimed at evaluating the effectiveness and efficiency of operations and transactions, providing a written report with recommendations.

Administrative audits for special purposes according to the requirements established by the board of directors, the audit committee, corporate management, and other executive or managerial structures.

Audits for the government sector.

We provide outsourcing services in a quick and efficient manner.

Complete management of Mexican and foreign companies that are in the process of starting operations in Mexico.

• We offer full support until the volume of operations justifies creating an in-house management or administrative team.

Financial control services:

Consulting for the launch of companies or businesses with Mexican or foreign capital.

Assistance with registration at government agencies or bodies.

Accounting services for companies in the development stage, including the preparation of financial statements for administrative purposes.

Preparation and submission of tax returns.

Special review of specific items.

Treasury management for companies in the development process.

Other financial consulting and business development plan services.

Tax laws are constantly changing; we provide a clear and comprehensive overview of the tax responsibilities that need to be addressed and complied with.

We inform you of the best options to take measures and protect your interests.

We assist our clients in the interpretation, application, and implementation of current laws and decrees.

We provide In-House Counsel services under an outsourcing model:

Drafting, reviewing, and negotiating agreements and contracts in all areas.

Corporate Law (assemblies, corporate books, notarial procedures).

Coordination with external law firms (including litigation).

Advice on intellectual property, personal data, immigration, and labor law (non-litigation).

General legal advice and consultancy on all aspects related to the company and the industry to which it belongs.

Legal audit and compliance.

Coordination with external law firms.

Coordination of Civil, Commercial, Labor, and Administrative litigation.

In partnership with various firms, we also provide services in:

Financial and Real Estate Law



Fiscal, Administrative, Civil, Commercial, and Labor Litigation

Personal Data

We offer a comprehensive technological platform that facilitates the calculation and payment of your payrolls:

Automated payroll process with cutting-edge technology, without license, maintenance, or upgrade costs.

Web and mobile technology to consult or download your information from anywhere in the world.

ERP platform capable of supporting any organizational structure and any sector: industrial, services, commerce, etc.

Payroll cost information based on each company’s needs (cost centers, business lines, divisions, branches, etc.).

Specialized and up-to-date personnel in areas affected by various legislative changes, at no cost to your organization.

Confidentiality of your information among your company’s personnel.

Reduction of administrative and operational costs.

Softlanding is carried out when a company wants to expand or invest its products or services abroad. For this, several legal, operational, accounting, financial and administrative steps must be carried out, such as searching for investment processes, customs, among others.